1. Do you have a New Year’s resolution? If so,what is it?
1. generally I am trying to avoid making any long-term plans. Reason being that when you are searching for something you can not find some other things that may also be very important

2. How do you like playing “Piano-Concerto”?
2. I like playing concertos with orchestra, although I believe the value of this  is over-estimated, especially in the USA. The art of piano playing is expressed best in a solo recital. Concerto playing is only one of many sorts of chamber music performances.

3. Who were your early influences in playing your first instrument?
3. When I was a small kid, I was impressed by any pianist who could play decently on record. I grew up on recordings of Richter, Gilels, Michelangeli, Arrau, Kempff, Backhaus,Cortot,  Horowitz and many others.......

4. Is there any pianist out there that just blows you away(past or present)?
4.  Present? No, although there are many good ones. Past? I am most impressed by the pianistic art of F.Liszt which I am studying for the past 15 years

5. What in your life are you most proud of?
5.I am not proud of anything, because everything is a work of God

6. What music are you listening to these days?
6.These days I am listening to hundreds of Scarlatti Sonatas, some music by A.C. Jobim and some of David Bowie

7. What is your favorite piece to play concert?
7. All pieces that I play in my concerts are my favorites. However, some of pieces I played more frequently in concerts are : Beethoven Sonata op 27 no 2, Liszt ; Transcendental Etudes, Paganini  Etudes, almost everything by Chopin, Scarlatti Sonatas, Handel Suites.....

8. What do you enjoy most and least about being on the concert tour?
8. mostly I enjoy seeing something new - I like to learn new things - new cities, people, their customs, architecture, monuments, history etc
What is, for me, absolutely horrible is the time difference. I hate this, and usually I am suffering from insomnia and exhaustion for approximately 10 days

9. What do you do relax when touring?
9 Usually I am not tense on a tour, reason being that I avoid doing any kind of work during the tour . I avoid practicing, rehearsing etc. On the contrary, I am trying to be as fresh as possible, because I noticed I am happier with my performances if I entertain myself with something else and not with piano. Usually I have a lot  of fun on a tour.

10. How tall are you?
10 This is a secret - I can't tell you

11. Do you play any other instruments?
11. I can play guitar, organ, harpsichord
Q.What kind of music do you play the guitar?(Classic?Flamenco?Jazz?RN'R?)
A.I usually played Paganini on guitar, together with other Italian and Spanish masters.