Kemal Gekic is a master of pianism at the highest level.   What makes him unique is his ability to use colors, intensities, dynamics and voicing to shape musical phrases in the most fascinating and creative way, taking his listener on a journey through a cosmos of musical artistry.    He believes not only in the necessity of possessing a knowledge of all of the facts essential to reconstructing the original idea of music and its style, but also in the re-creation of the spirit of music in order to bring it alive in our time, for the audiences of today.

"Mr.Gekic possesses the greatest single interpretive talent combined with the most stupendous technical mastery of anyone now before the public" -F.Cooper

"Kemal Gekic is a phenomenal pianist. His transcendental performances of the Figaro Fantasy and Chasse Neige are beyond compare. When I listen to them, I am aware that a remarkable musician is presiding at the Keyboard" -A.Walker

Thus say great writers on his music and performance.  And this is the opinion of noted music critics:

" Gekic rides the charismatic edge of genius....This pianist is an original and therefore incomparable"-Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe

" His playing is transcendental as well as incandescent" -John Ardoin, The Dallas Morning News

"He is something like the general who has learned all the rules in the book and is therefore free to ignore them in time of war"-James Roos, The Miami Herald

Mr.Gekic performs worldwide, in the greatest halls and with famous orchestras.

He has recorded nine solo albums with works that range from Handel, Scriabin, Chopin to Liszt and Mozart.

His Liszt CD of the Rossini-Liszt Transcriptions for Naxos won, " The Rosette of the Penguin Guide for Music, as the most outstanding performance and recording.

The  Liszt Transcendental Etudes CD released by JVC has been praised as the best recording of the work in history.

Programs on Mr. Gekic’s artistry and life have been aired by CBC (Canada), NHK (Japan), NDR(Germany), RAI (Italy), TV Portugal, POLTEL (Poland) and PBS (USA).

Kemal Gekic was born in Croatia and now lives in the United States.